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At bpl our specialist team have vast expertise in handling complex litigation matters. We work alongside our clients to find the most cost effective and efficient approach to each case. We will assist in managing our clients litigation matters by identifying goals from the outset and achieving a firm strategy to get the issue resolved.

Our aim is to minimse the distruption to our clients business and avoid lenghty proceedings. We understand that tensions can run high when dealing with disputes within business and we offer our clients a stable expert approach to achieve the resolution.

Mediation has fast become the preferred method of alternative dispute resolution in the construction industry putting into practice sweeping reforms to the court process. Litigation is the last resort and parties who refuse a reasonable offer to mediate are very likely to receive a costs sanction by the Court.

Chris Reeves at bpl is an accredited civil and commercial mediator who regulary receives appointments as a mediator on construction dispute. Our clients can ensure they are getting the best level of service from our expert legal professionals.

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