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Extending your Lease

This is a technical area of law where expert advice is at its most valuable. Extending your lease has huge benefits in terms of protecting your capital investment and value in your property but it can also be a mine field.

bpl select is able to help guide you through these potential problems and ensure that you obtain the required extension as quickly and easily as possible.

Each case is different and bpl select recognises that our service needs to be entirely bespoke and responsive to your needs. Our specialist lawyers will respond to your needs and help ensure that all the processes are undertaken to ensure the desired result.

Whilst the order in which these tasks are undertaken depends on the circumstances, these are all subjects which should not be neglected. Once the Notice has been served the procedure is running and you will be subject to demands for information and compliance with deadlines and a default at any stage could endanger the action.

There is a substantial amount of work to be completed from the outset but briefly this can be summarised as follows:

  • Checking Eligibility (including identifying the "competent landlord")
  • Selecting and instructing professional advisers
  • Assessing the premium
  • Establishing the Finance
  • Gathering the Information
  • Preparing the Notice
  • Preparing for the subsequent procedures