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About Us We are a specialist legal practice, focussed on the property and business market.


bpl solicitors limited was founded in 2005. Since then we have grown as a business into one of the largest and most respected property solicitors firms in the country. Along the way, we have linked up with like-minded experts to add to our strength and depth and we now also offer construction, commercial property and wills and probate advice to our clients. We are therefore delighted to say that on 12th October 2017 we joined the Metamorph Law Group. They share our values for client service and working within the group we will be able to support and improve our services and also offer a gateway for our clients to other services that bpl has not traditionally provided. Click here for press release.

Throughout our journey, it has been clear that the quality of our service is crucial. Much of our work comes from returning clients, or is referred to us by professional introducers and other third parties because they find that we can add real value to a transaction. Of course, dealing with stressful and often confusing, transactions can be a problem but often we have found that our clients appreciate that it is in many ways the manner in which our service is received will be the key to a successful experience.

As a firm we have specialised in property matters since our inception in 2005 and we have built our business so that it is now consistently in the top 20-30 residential conveyancers by volume in the country (according to Land Registry Data). We have not done this however at the expense of our clients and pride ourselves on our commitment to client care and pragmatic and human advice at all times. bpl solicitors is a client-focussed organisation. We want our clients to receive the very highest quality legal services and advice whenever they need it. Our quality goal is to efficiently get everything right first time every time. Achieving this goal is greatly assisted by our methodical approach to all the tasks we undertake and guiding our clients through what can be, and often is, a bewildering and stressful process.

To enshrine this at the core of what we do and to ensure that it is not just words on a website, the firm is also fully committed to the rigorous standards of the Conveyancing Quality Scheme - also known as CQS. This is an external mark of quality and delivery to which we voluntarily accede to detailed audit each year.

The consequence of this is that all personnel within the Firm must judge their actions from the client's viewpoint, and be aware that in addition to the provision of the highest levels of technical legal expertise, clients have a right to expect that their lawyers will be:

  • Available
  • Approachable
  • Comprehensible
  • Prompt
  • Courteous

That is at the heart of what we do and the service that we aim to offer and what we are about.

bpl solicitors limited is a specialist property practice providing decisive legal advice, guidance and solutions to clients who value a high standard of legal support.